Heat Cream

Relieves pain from tension

  • Provides sustained intense heat
  • Quickly absorbed
  • Easy to apply

Hansaplast Heat Cream provides sustained intense heat,
while at the same time blocks the transmission of pain signals.
Ideal for pain in the lower back

  • Intensive long-lasting pain relief
  • Provides sustained intense heat
  • Quick absorption


This product is a med version which is only available in pharmacies.

If you have any further questions, ask your doctor or phamacist for advice

Alternatively read the information on the label or in the leaflet

Clinical studies

Efficacy and Safety of a capsaicin cream in patients with local
muscular and rheumatoid pain in the shoulder-arm region or in
the region of the vertebral column.

Active ingredient

100g creme contains 0.075 g capsaicin