Elastic+ Waterproof
Flexible and
Waterproof Plaster

The first flexible fabric plaster
that does not get soaked.
Available in different packaging sizes.


Hansaplast ELASTIC+ WATERPROOF  fabric plasters are suitable for covering all types of smaller wounds.

  • The flexible fabric material stretches with the skin's movements and dries quickly.
  • The waterproof and breathable membrane keeps the wound dry.
  • The strong adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in place. 

The plasters are available as strips in different sizes which seal all around the wound.

Hi-DRY TEX Technology
Hansaplast developed this three-layer technology for improved wound protection. Hi-DRY TEX technology makes the plaster waterproof, breathable and ensures strong adhesion. Due to its integrated coverage of an impregnated, flexible fabric and a waterproof, yet breathable membrane. The flexible fabric ensures not only utmost comfort for you, but also protection from moisture and water for your wound.