Scar Reducer
Patch Treatment

Reduces the visibility of new
and old scars

  • Flattens, lightens and softens scars permanently
  • For raised, coloured or keloid scars
  • First noticeable results after 3-4 weeks

Scar Reducer

Hansaplast Scar Reducer is a gentle and safe way to reduce raised
and coloured scars or keloids by activating the skin’s own regeneration
process. Scar Reducer flattens, lightens and softens scars permanently.

For smaller scars, the patch can be cut, and for larger scars multiple
patches can be used. They are transparent and virtually invisible.
The flexible and breathable patches are easy to apply and comfortable
to wear.

Clinical studies have shown positive results after 8 weeks of consecutive
use of at least 12 hours a day. The first noticeable results usually occur
after 3-4 weeks of consistent use. For best results the plasters should be
worn a minimum of 12 hours a day.

This product is a med version which is only available in pharmacies.

Clinical Studies

The efficacy of Hansaplast Scar Reducer has been proven
in several clinical studies. Interested in knowing more?