Wound Spray

For the painfree cleansing and
healing of wounds 

  • Alcohol free solution does not sting
  • Reduces risk of infection
  • Supports natural wound healing

Wound Spray

Hansaplast Wound Spray cleanses, decontaminates and moisturizes the wound. It prevents infections and supports the healing process of acute wounds.

For the treatment of acute wounds such as grazes, cuts, lacerations, first and second degree burns.
Alcohol-free solution for cleansing, effective decontamination, moisturization and support of the healing of acute wounds.
The spray is suitable for children and the application on sensitive skin.

Even minor wounds can be contaminated and infected. A clean and decontaminated wound is essential for the natural wound healing process.

Soft and breathable material. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


Electrolyte containing solution: Polyhexanide 0.02%, Alcohol-free