Plastermoments - Turning Tears Into Smiles

Turning tears into smiles

Falling down is part of growing up – Hansaplast’s “Turning tears into smiles” campaign encourages outdoor play, tells individual plaster stories and celebrates the freedom that outdoor play brings our children.

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Woman applying foot creme

The 5 most common foot skin problems and how to solve them

Our recent study reveals what the most common foot skin problems are.
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Aqua Protect

keeps your wound 100 % dry
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Mirror held below foot

Why and how to care for your feet

If you have diabetes, there are three reasons why you should pay attention to your feet.
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Applying a plaster on  shoulder

10 Myths about Wound Healing

Of course you know that there is a plaster for any wound.
But what else do you know about wound healing?
Find out in our article – and learn some more interesting facts
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