Kids Animal Plasters

Discover the zoo!

A range of colorful plasters with your kids' favourite animals to bring back the smile on their faces. 

  • Painless removal and skin-friendly.
  • 20 plasters to distract and delight your little one with cute animal designs!
  • Protection and comfort for little scratches and cuts.

Hansaplast Kids Animal Plasters

Make your children smile again with these colourful plasters. Choose from a variety of animal designs and little wounds will be forgotten in no time!

Discover the zoo!

Whether your child is brave like a lion or cute as a panda, loves to play with cats, ladybugs or horses - their favourite animals will help them to forget their little injuries in no time.

Be Happy!

Small injuries are part of everyday life. But dealing with them does not have to be difficult. Simply add a little fun to your wound care routine with these cute plaster designs and your child can go back to playing as quick as possible!

Trusted Wound Protection

Remember, alongside these colourful plaster designs is our trusted wound care expertise. The colours are safe and the plasters are painless to remove. The flexible material is water-resistant and protects wounds from dirt and bacteria. Each plaster has a non-stick wound pad that provides cushioning and absorption.
Clean the wound and gently wipe away any dirt or grit.
Dry the skin around the cut or graze very carefully.
Apply plaster without stretching and avoiding creases.
Use each plaster only once.
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Kids Animal Plasters

20 plasters
1. How often should I change the children's plasters?
Usually, it is recommended to change the children's plasters daily due to hygienic reasons.
2. Is it better to let small wounds dry at the fresh air instead of putting on a plaster?
It is one of the wound care myths that keeping minor cuts and grazes uncovered and let air to them helps them to heal faster. The contrary is true! Research shows that covered wounds heal more efficiently and have a reduced risk of infection. Hansaplast products provide protection until the wound is completely healed.
3. When should I consult a doctor?

We recommend contacting a medical professional under the following circumstances:

  • if the wound is deep and causing major bleeding 
  • if the wound shows signs of infection such as redness, warmth, pain and swelling 
  • if there are embedded foreign objects in it 
  • in case of animal or human bites 
  • if the wound is in the area of the face 
  • if there is insufficient tetanus vaccination 
  • and of course always when you have questions or are uncertain.
4. What if my children's wounds get infected and suppurate?
You should contact a medical professional if you recognize signs of infection. This is not only the occurrence of pus but also swelling, redness, heat, pain, itching or burning. In case of infection the wound will need medical care and special medical treatment.
5. What plaster should I use for sensitive skin?
These Hansaplast Limited Edition coloured plasters are very skin friendly and easy to remove. The colours used are resistant to saliva and sweat and are proven to be safe for children.
Always see a doctor if the wound is deep, bleeds heavily or shows signs of infection like reddening, swelling or warmth. Please note that, although they were compiled with great care, the tips and advice given on this website by no means substitute medical advice and treatment. If you have or suspect a health problem, consult a doctor and follow medical advice, regardless of what you have learned on this website. Always read carefully and follow the instructions for use or the leaflets of our products.
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