Aqua Protect
keeps your wound 100 % dry
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Women bathing in water
The truth about water and healing
Can saltwater help wounds heal? Various types of water – including saltwater – can actually complicate the healing process.
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Make any shoe
more comfortable!
Give your shoes a comfort upgrade and
prevent feet from painful blisters
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Applying a plaster on  shoulder
10 Myths about Wound Healing
Of course you know that there is a plaster for any wound.
But what else do you know about wound healing?
Find out in our article – and learn some more interesting facts
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Celebrating 90 years
   of healing expertise!
A household name for almost a century: Hansaplast. Read the historic anecdotes – and find out how Hansaplast has evolved over the decades, growing from inventor of the first plaster to an innovative global brand
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