With the new collectable Hansaplast STAR WARS ™ plasters little injuries are quickly forgotten. Your little ones will love to pick from the selection of designs featuring characters and spacecraft from the movies. This is the way to your galactic plasters.

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The new collectable Disney Frozen Plasters turn tears into smiles. Scrapes, cuts and grazes will quickly be forgotten in a flurry of snowflakes with these cool plasters featuring your favorite characters. This is the way to your fantastic plasters.

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Plastermoments - Turning Tears Into Smiles

Turning tears into smiles

Falling down is part of growing up – Hansaplast’s “Turning tears into smiles” campaign encourages outdoor play, tells individual plaster stories and celebrates the freedom that outdoor play brings our children.

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Aqua Protect

keeps your wound 100 % dry
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Applying a plaster on  shoulder

10 Myths about Wound Healing

Of course you know that there is a plaster for any wound.
But what else do you know about wound healing?
Find out in our article – and learn some more interesting facts
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