Make any shoe more comfortable – and avoid shoe blisters – Give shoes a comfort upgrade. Don’t let blisters stop you from getting out there and doing the things you love!

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You can never have too many pairs of shoes, but not every pair will fit your feet perfectly. Infuriatingly it’s often the ones we love the most that can cause the most problems! However, there is a way to increase the comfort of your shoes. Hansaplast offers a range of high performance blister plasters that can help, so read on for some practical tips on how to avoid painful shoe blisters.

Hansaplast Blister Plasters – new friends for your feet!

Whatever you were doing, you can go on immediately
What are they?

Hansaplast Blister Plasters come in a variety of sizes and are designed to immediately relieve pain from blisters or foot sores caused by the friction and pressure that can come from badly fitting shoes. They cushion the affected area from further friction and pressure, stopping pain immediately. In addition, they also seal out dirt and infection so that faster healing can get underway. A great shoe blister remedy that will have you back running, shopping or whatever you were doing in a just a few minutes!

Sweat-proof and waterproof for sportspeople
How do they work?

These high performing plasters are based on the Hydrocolloid Technology. This works on the principle of moist healing, known to support and speed up the healing process. Hansaplast Adhesive Technology ensures that the blister plaster stays firmly in place for upwards of 48h. The Hansaplast Blister Plasters are waterproof, so showering and bathing isn’t a problem and for the runners and sportspeople among us, they’re sweat-proof, too.

Almost invisible blister plaster
How should they be used?

Apply one of these almost invisible blister plasters onto a shoe blister to get healing off to a great start and prevent the wound from becoming infected. Make sure the area is clean and dry before putting the blister plaster on. To avoid problems in the healing process the plaster should only be removed when it starts to peel off by itself.


...choose a bigger size when shoe shopping. It’s possible that your feet are of a slightly different size, most of ours are – so always buy shoes to fit the larger foot.

...when shoe shopping, watch out for seams or materials that might rub, be too hard or uncomfortable.

...change your shoes regularly. Wearing the same pair too often can make blisters more likely as the pressure points are the same.

...consider using insoles to increase comfort. If you are struggling to find shoes that feel comfortable for your feet, it’s a good idea to get some advice from your doctor.

...remember to protect any areas prone to trouble before you even leave the house. A tactically placed Hansaplast Pressure Stop works as a perfect preventative measure against friction, shoe sores, pressure and shoe blisters.

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...take your little blue Hansaplast Blister Plaster box with you when you’re out running, walking, shopping or dancing! If your feet are sore, or a shoe heel blister appears, you’ll be able to relieve the pain immediately and start the healing process right there and then.

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DON'Ts tempted to wear the same shoes every day – even if you love them!

...forget to break in new shoes – this is especially important when you’re going on a shopping or sightseeing trip that involves a lot of walking.

...expect too-tight shoes to stretch. This isn’t always the case and you could be left with painful feet!

...forget to think about your socks as well as your shoes. Socks that don’t fit snugly can cramp the feet as badly as badly fitting shoes.

...let your shoes get wet or damp. Wet shoes boots and socks can cause blisters much more quickly than dry ones. If moisture from sweaty feet is the problem, try Hansaplast Silver Active Anti-Perspirant.

For further information regarding Hansaplast products, please contact us via email on Please note that none of the above given tips or recommendations substitute medical advice. Carefully read the instructions for use given in our products‘ packages. Consult a health professional if our tips won‘t help or in case you have or suspect a medical condition.