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Essential to your sports kit

Whether you’re new to the gym or first on the field, taking precautions before and after physical activity is vital. Warming up and using the right sports products will ensure a safe recovery and a strong return to form following strains, sprains and more serious injuries.

All Hansaplast braces, kinesio tapes, bandages and compression wear are breathable, sweat and skin-compatible to avoid irritation. Find support and treatment based on your body’s specific needs to boost performance or provide relief during recovery.

Hansaplast puts safety first during sport

Since 1882, Hansaplast has developed many industry-firsts. Today, Hansaplast is leading the charge with a range of sport products. Find support for injury prevention and recovery with joint specific braces, facilitate a greater range of motion with kinesio tapes and cohesive bandages or enhance your performance with compression wear.
Using the Hansaplast Ankle Brace can help prevent injuries.
Investment in research and development is complemented by collaborations with relevant institutions, ensuring Hansaplast’s range of sport products will confidently address your needs as an athlete.

This tradition of innovation informs Hansaplast’s commitment to creating sport products that are easy to apply at any age. With Hansaplast, you can use pioneering sport products to take your performance to the next level.

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