Callus-free Feet!
The rough to smooth countdown – sooo smooth, so fast!
Callus on your feet? Convert them from rough to smooth with three easy, effective steps! With the help of Hansaplast‘s all-new ANTI CALLUS range, you can get them ready fast for the next outing.

The 3-step System

1. Hansaplast
2in1 Peeling
The abrasive action of the 2in1 Peeling with powerful exfoliating ingredients such as pumice stone particles and natural rock salts will help to slough away the dead skin on balls and heels of your feet. The nourishing formula will get rid of callus while also softening the areas of thick and rough skin on your feet in its second active phase, providing intensive care with urea and almond oil.

2. Hansaplast
20% UREA
Intensive Cream

Massage the moisturiser with its innovative formula well into your feet and soles. This cream with a 20% concentration of highly effective callus-reducing ingredient urea in combination with Aquaporin Technology will tackle callus and give problem feet the “drink” they need. Used twice a day, it will also maintain long-lasting hydration by helping to lock the moisture in. First noticeable results after 4 days!*



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Easy to use in two effective steps

Shower and scrub your
feet with Hansaplast
ANTI CALLUS 2in1 Peeling.
Then, treat your feet to Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS 20% UREA Intensive Cream. You will see first noticeable results after 4 days*.
*Source: Dermatological application study with 33 subjects, 91% of the users stated it noticeably softens and smoothes skin after 4 days.
**Source: Dermatological application study with 33 subjects, 73% of the users stated that the product is effective from the first application.
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What the expert says

“Using Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS regularly is the best way to keep your feet in the best shape. Even after you’ve already tackled callus with it, it is a good idea to incorporate all products into your daily bathroom routine for upkeep.

"Regular care with Hansaplast ANTI CALLUS prevents long-term damage from callus."

Your feet will thank you by being healthy all year round, and you can prevent long-term effects from callus such as painful cracked heels.”omes smoother and the formation of further callused areas is prevented.“

Dr. Maike Kuhlmann, Research & Development, Beiersdorf AG
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