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Heat Plaster 11mg

Relieves pain from tension
Intensive long-lasting pain relief
With the proven ingredient capsaicin
Reliable adhesion

Product Info

Heat Plaster 11mg

Hansaplast Heat Plaster 11mg provides sustained intense heat, while at the same time blocks the transmission of pain signals. Ideal for pain in the lower back.

  • With the effective ingredient capsaicin which is extracted from chillies
  • Intensive long-lasting pain relief
  • Reliable adhesion

This product is a med version which is only available in pharmacies. If you have any further questions, ask your doctor or phamacist for advice Alternatively read the information on the label or in the leaflet

Clinical studies

  1. Capsicum pain plaster in chronic non-specific low back pain.
  2. Topical treatment of chronic low back pain with a capsicum plaster.


Soft extract of cayenne pepper corresponding to 11 mg or 4.8 mg capsaicinoids, calculated as capsaicin

How to Use

Recommended use

For further information see application advice / patientinformation leaflet.

How to use:

After removing the backing paper, apply the plaster on dry
skin directly over the area of pain.
Press firmly and smooth down. Ensure that the entire painful
area is covered. If required, the plaster can be cut to size.

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