Heat Plaster 4.8 mg


Heat Plaster 4.8 mg provides effective muscle pain relief - especially suitable for black and neck area - extra thin and flexible.

Heat Plaster 4.8 mg provides effective muscle  pain relief - e.g. neck, shoulder or back  pain. 
Heat Plaster 4.8 mg provides heat,  while at the same time blocks the transmission of pain signals. 

•With the effective ingredient capsaicin which is extracted from chillies
•Targeted and Intensive long-lasting pain relief
•Reliable adhesion 

Heat Plaster 4.8 mg comes with a viscose backing and is extra thin, very light on the skin and thus has a high wearing comfort and supports the freedom to move. 

Each medicated plaster (18 x 12 cm) contains 112 - 167 mg soft extract of cayenne pepper (4-7:1) corresponding to 4.8 mg capsaicinoids, calculated as capsaicin (22 µg/cm2). First Extract extract solvent is ethanol 80% (v/v)
Contains wool fat (lanolin)
For any risks or side effects please read the instructions carefully and ask your doctor or pharmacist. 

Heat Plaster 4.8 mg
Field of Application: external symptomatical treatment of muscle aches in the area of the muscles in the neck and shoulder area.  
Contains wool wax, Ingriedient Capsicum Extract.

How to use Heat Plaster 4.8 mg?

The plaster should only be used on dry, intact skin. Peel off the covering paper and apply the plaster over the painful area, with the adhesive side to the skin. The plaster should be left in place for at least 4 and up to 8 hours. 
To remove the plaster, raise one corner and carefully pull it off. Hands should be washed with soap and water after touching and handling the plaster. 
Any remnants remaining on the skin after detachment of the plaster can be removed with vegetable oil, a moisturising cream or cold water.
Wait at least 12 hours before applying a new plaster on the same application area.
Heat Plaster 4.8 mg should only be used by adults aged 18 years and older.  

Do not use the plaster if you are allergic  to cayenne pepper, to other capsaicinoid sources (e.g. paprika plants) or any of the other ingredients of this plaster (Read the leaflet carefully).
Do not use the plaster on broken skin  and wounds.

Heat Plaster 4.8 mg is available in a pack with two medicated plasters. One plaster has the size of 18 x 12 cm and has a 100% viscose backing to ensure a high wearing comfort and the freedom to move.

Product  Type  Size  Quantity

Heat Plaster 4.8 mg

 18 x 12 cm

2 Stück
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