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Kinesiology Tape Blue 5cm x 5m

Blue, 5cm x 5m

Rehabilitates injured muscles
Reduces muscle fatigue
Lowers swelling
Relieves pain

Water and sweat resistant, breathable

Kinesiology Tape is designed to provide comfort, increase stability and relieve pain in any injured joint or muscle area.

Product Info

Kinesiology Tape

Developed in collaboration with renowned physiotherapists, sport doctors and athletes.

  • Kinesiology Tape provides comfort and support to joint and muscle areas.
  • The tape adjusts to movement and is water and sweat resistant.
  • Latex free.

How to Use

How to use

Step 1

Apply the tape at least 20 minutes prior to physical activity. 
Before applying the tape make sure the skin is clean and dry. 
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Step 2

Round the edges to avoid any bunching or rolling of the tape. 
Carefully tear the paper 3-4 cm from one end to remove it without touching the adhesive and apply the tape according to the instructions in the leaflet. Apply initial attachment at the beginning with no stretch, then apply with medium stretch, apply with no stretch at the end.
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Step 3

When applied, rub the tape with the hand to activate the adhesive. 
To remove, pull in the direction of hair whilst holding the skin down and avoid lifting the skin. 
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Frequently Asked Questions (6)

  • 1. When should I use Kinesiology Tape?

    Kinesiology Tape is intended to support muscle and joint functions and promote mobility. It is suitable to support the relief of muscle pain e.g. hip, back, shoulder and nerve pain and tendonitis. It is also suitable to support lymph drainage disorders (edema). 
  • 2. Precautions and warnings to be considered when applying Kinesiology Tape

    DO NOT USE on damaged or broken skin (wounds, skin diseases e.g. atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.). 

    If you observe signs of irritation or if pain persists and in case of other symptoms discontinue use and consult a physician or health care practitioner. If you observe unexpected or potentially serious symptoms following the usage of this product, please inform your doctor or pharmacist, the manufacturer and your national health authority. 

    For single use only - for each application use new tape to retain the described effects. 

    The product is latex free. 
  • 3. What is Kinesiology Taping?

    Kinesiology taping with special elastic tapes is used around the world to relieve pain, treat swelling and discomfort and improve mobility. It is based on the theory that by adjusting the tension of skin with the tape, muscle, circulation and lymphatic function can be improved. The wave coating of the adhesive gently supports the body's own healing process by acting on the neuro-muscular system, improving blood and lymph circulation and relieving pain. 

    The tapes themselves are made to resemble skin's own properties offering high comfort and support for the body allowing for a full range of motion which makes it very popular in the sports world. 
  • 4. Does the Hansaplast/Elastoplast Kinesiology Tape contain Latex?

    The Kinesiology Tape DOES NOT CONTAIN LATEX. 
  • 5. For how long can I apply the Kinesiology Tape?

    The tape can be worn until it comes loose or according to your healthcare professional. 

    To remove the tape, pull in the direction of hair whilst holding the skin down and avoid lifting the skin. 
  • 6. How can I store the Kinesiology Tape?

    Store the product below 25 °C in a dry place. Avoid direct sunlight and/or high temperatures.

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