Our contribution to a circular economy

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Our economy currently works according to a linear principle: we extract raw materials from our planet, manufacture them into products and dispose of them as waste. On the contrary, in a circular economy, waste is not created in the first place.

That’s why circularity is our guiding principle when it comes to packaging: Our aim is to support the production of recyclable packaging materials. By doing so, we contribute to a circular economy, reducing waste and maximising the reuse of materials again and again.

We reduce, reuse and recycle – our work for a circular economy

At Hansaplast, our plasters are protected by different packaging materials that are essential to keep our products hygienic and safe. To support the circular economy further, our packaging department has managed to reduce the weight of our folding boxes to the very minimum, making them more sustainable without compromising the safety of our products.

A small number of products are packaged in plastic boxes, which we will either convert to reusable options made of post-consumer recycled materials or transfer to boxes made of cardboard. By the end of 2025, we aim to reduce 52% of fossil-based virgin plastic in our packaging and implement 12% of recycled plastic* in our packaging.

We also decided to mainly package our plasters in folding boxes from FSC®-certified sources. Folding boxes can be recycled when they are disposed in the paper bin. The boxes are then shredded, and the fibres are reused to produce new folding boxes and cardboard. Find out more about our folding box made of 93% recycled fibres. 

*Depending on feedback/approval from regulatory authorities (medical devices)