Responsible sourcing at Hansaplast

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We aim to source as much of our raw materials from responsible sources as possible and to ensure these materials are independently certified against the highest standards. In this process, we identified wood as a key material for our products and packaging and have chosen to increase the usage of FSC®-certified materials where possible from 2022 onwards.

What is FSC®?

An FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification confirms that the forest from where the wood is sourced is being managed in a way that preserves biological diversity and benefits the lives of local communities, while ensuring it sustains economic viability.
Using raw materials sourced from FSC® -certified forests creates environmental, economic and social benefits such as protecting vulnerable species, ensuring fair wages and conditions for workers, and respecting indigenous people’s rights.
FSC® policies and standards are globally consistent. Their principles and criteria are applicable worldwide and relevant to all kinds of forest ecosystems, as well as a wide range of cultural, political and legal settings.
So, when you see the FSC® logo on any of our products, you will know the materials we’ve used originate from sustainable and legal sources.

Where are the FSC®-certified materials in our products?

At Hansaplast, all the packaging materials and folding boxes which keep our products hygienic and safe are FSC®-certified. For our GREEN & PROTECT product range, we are taking our commitments a step further. The folding box of our GREEN & PROTECT product range is made of 93% recycled carton.
You will find each Hansaplast plaster strip inside the box is contained within a sealing pouch which is made of FSC®-certified paper. This is designed to prevent any dirt from coming in contact with the plaster, wound pad or adhesive layer to protect the integrity of the plaster.

The release liner on the plaster is designed to ensure that our plasters maintain their sticking power while being easy to open when you want to apply one to the skin. It is made of FSC®-certified paper which is coated with silicone.
Two of our ranges, Classic and GREEN & PROTECT, are made with viscose on the back of the plaster, a material made from FSC®-certified wood pulp. The woven fabric material provides flexibility and comfort on the skin while ensuring reliable protection for your wound.