Warmth and cold

We all feel heat and cold to different degrees depending on the quality of blood flow, our gender, fitness, age, metabolism or the level of sleep, e.g. when we are tired we are more sensitive to changes in temperature.

There are several types of thermo receptors located in the skin and mucous membranes


all over our body that cover a range of temperatures and that are responsible for how we experience warmth and cold.

These receptors are not only activated by the surrounding temperature, hot and cold objects or liquids but also by active ingredients and natural plant components.


The No. 1 Thermocare System

Using the No.1 ThermoCare System, Beiersdorf‘s research department is the first to successfully integrate a highly effective heat-activating complex into a gently nourishing foot cream.


The active ingredients of the Warm & Care Thermocare System specifically affect the receptors that are responsible for the pleasant sensation of warmth, and bring warmth to where it is needed the most.

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