Accelerating Wound Healing with Advanced Waterproof Protection

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When it comes to wound care, everyone desires a fast and effective healing process. Cuts, abrasions, and scratches are a part of life, and the key to a rapid recovery lies in avoiding common mistakes and choosing the right products. That's where Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing plaster comes into play. This waterproof plaster is equipped with an Advanced Healing Wound Pad, creating a moist wound environment that can accelerate the healing process by up to 2 times compared to dry wound healing while reducing the risk of scarring.

Packshot of Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing Plasters

The Power of Advanced Healing Wound Pad

The heart of Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing plaster is the Advanced Healing Wound Pad. Unlike traditional dressings this innovative wound pad is made from Polyurethane to create an optimal healing environment for your wounds. It does so by maintaining a controlled moisture balance, promoting cell migration, and reducing the risk of scarring. The result? Faster and more effective healing.

100% Waterproof Protection


Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing is your reliable companion in challenging situations. Its polyurethane backing ensures 100% waterproof protection. Whether 

you're taking a shower, swimming, or even just washing your hands, you can trust that your wound will remain protected. This waterproof feature is a game-changer for those who lead an active lifestyle and can't afford to let a minor injury slow them down.

Optimal Healing with Less Disruption

The plasters are designed to adhere securely to your skin. The polyacrylate adhesion used in the plaster ensuring it stays in place for several days, you can experience optimal wound healing with minimal disruption. This means you won't have to constantly change your plaster, giving your body the uninterrupted environment, it needs to heal efficiently*.

*The plaster should not be put on injured wounds and checked for signs of infections regularly – see also product leaflet

Clinically Proven

Our clinical studies have shown that Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing plaster not only accelerates the wound healing process but also delivers better cosmetic outcomes compared to wound that is treated with regular dressing. These results are a testament to the effectiveness of this innovative product. If you're interested in the in-depth scientific findings and want to explore the clinical background, we encourage you to read our clinical study here.

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