What to do to Accelerate Wound Healing

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A fast and effective healing process is the desired outcome for anyone dealing with cuts, abrasions or scratches. However, certain common mistakes can inadvertently hinder the body's natural regenerative abilities, leading to delayed healing and potential complications. Discover the way to accelerate wound healing now!

1. Cleanse the Wound Properly

Proper wound cleansing is vital to prevent infection. However, using harsh antiseptics or strong chemicals like alcohol on wounds can damage delicate skin tissues, impede the natural healing process, and potentially cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. These substances can disrupt the balance of healthy tissue and inhibit the growth of new cells, leading to delayed wound healing and increased the risk of scarring.

For effective wound cleansing, use a mild wound antiseptic that is free from alcohol.

2. Protect Wounds for Optimal Healing

Woman with a large plaster on her arm.

A prevalent misconception surrounding wound care is the belief that allowing wounds to be exposed to air can expedite the healing process. However, this notion needs clarification. Leaving a wound entirely uncovered can have counterproductive effects. By keeping the wound exposed, harmful bacteria and dirt can easily enter the wound, potentially leading to infection.

Additionally, an exposed wound can become dry, which might delay the healing process. Protecting the wound and maintain a controlled moisture balance in the wound with advanced plasters have shown an optimal healing by facilitating cell migration and reducing the risk of scarring.

3. Protect Wounds from Water

Submerging wounds in water, such as taking long baths or swimming, can introduce harmful bacteria that might thrive in water. Additionally, soaking a wound exposure can lead to maceration of the wound edges that can impair the healing process.

A package of Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing plasters



The recommendation from health care expertise to speed up the healing process is to keep the wound protected in a moist environment rather than exposing it to water. Medical research has demonstrated that establishing a moist environment for wounds not only speeds up the healing process but also helps to reduce the risk of scarring. For cuts and superficial wounds, Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing plaster may help you and your family care for your wounds by creating the optimal wound healing conditions. Using polyurethane technology to create moist wound healing conditions, Hansaplast Aqua Protect XL Fast Healing plaster protects the wound against external influences while promoting up to two times faster healing compared to dry wound healing. It also helps to prevent scar formation. The strong adhesion ensures that the plaster stays in place for several days for an undisturbed healing process.

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