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Adjustable Wrist Support

Provides strong support for weak or injured wrists
Adjustable strips for custom fit

Provides strong support

Hansaplast Adjustable Wrist Support is designed to provide strength and support for stiff, weak or injured wrists. It also helps to prevent re-injury.

Product Info

Adjustable Wrist Neoprene

The Hansaplast Adjustable Wrist Neoprene is designed to provide strength and support for stiff, weak or injured wrists. It also helps provide protection from further injury.

  • Thumb loop for ease of application
  • For left and right wrist
  • The fit can be customized with the adjustable strap
  • Durable materials for support, warmth and comfort
  • For everyday use, hobby and sport

How to Use

Protective Wrist Support Size and Fit

Size & Fit

Fits right and left wrist.


One Size – Adjustable

How to use


Step 1

Place your thumb in the loop ensuring the smooth side faces the skin.


Step 2

Wrap the support over the top of your wrist.


Step 3

Bring support under the wrist and back around the top of wrist. Secure hook fastener and adjust support until it fits firmly, yet comfortably. 

Questions (7)

  • 1. When and how should I wear the Wrist Support?

    It is recommended to wear the Wrist Support during activities that lead to discomfort. Wrist Supports are usually worn directly on the skin. However, if it is more convenient to you, you can also wear it over thin, tight fitting clothes. The brace can be worn on the left and the right wrist. For detailed application advice see the provided information on the folding box. Please seek medical advice if in doubt about the injury.

  • 2. Precautions and warnings to be considered when wearing Wrist Supports

    The Wrist Support should only be used on clean, intact skin. While wearing, make sure the product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restriced. Avoid wearing for prolonged periods e.g. whilst sleeping. 

    If a rash develops, pain is prolonged or conditions worsen, discontinue use and consult a physician.

  • 3. When should I NOT wear the Wrist Support?

    Do not use if you suffer rom vascular diseases or have a know allergy to any of the specific materials: 
    Polyester, Spandex, Nylon, Styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR)

  • 4. Can I wear the Wrist Support over night/while sleeping

    The Wrist Support is designed for wearing during physical movement or sports. Avoid wearing the support for prolonged periods e.g. whilst sleeping. It has to be ensured that while wearing, the product is not uncomfortably tight and blood flow is not restricted. Furthermore, supports are not intended to immobilize but to be worn during activity to enable the positive effect on the body and the healing process. 

    Please see directions section for further information on directions.

  • 5. Can I wash the Wrist Support?

    Yes. All Hansaplast Supports are made with machine-washable materials. Here’s how to care for your support: For products with Velcro® straps, fasten them securely at the place provided on the support. Machine wash your support in cold/cool water (~30ºC) using the gentle or delicate cycle. Wash separately using laundry detergent with no additives (do not use fabric softener or Woolite, do not use bleach). Lay your support flat and let it air dry; do not put it in the dryer. Proper washing and drying helps your knit support maintain elasticity and original fit.

  • 6. How should I store the Wrist Support?

    The product should be kept in a cool and dry place.
    Keep away from direct sun light

  • 7. What do the symbols provided on the folding box mean?

    Store in a dry place / Keep dry
    Protect from sunlight / heat
    Medical Device
    Widely recycled
    Non-corrugated cardboard

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