What makes a great sports kit – Putting together the right sports kit and looking after it properly will make exercise more enjoyable and boost your performance.

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A good kit means a great workout

If you’re comfortable and you feel confident about how you look while exercising, it’s much more likely you’ll have the motivation to get to the gym, class or to go on a run in the first place. It’s worth spending some time choosing and taking care of fitness outfits and shoes that you’ll enjoy wearing. 
A comfortable, stylish, fresh smelling kit can help you to get the best possible results!

Best foot forward

Perhaps the most important decision you’ll make when buying a kit is which trainers to buy. This is particularly true for runners but a well fitting, appropriate pair is vital whatever your chosen exercise. Although grabbing an online bargain is hard to resist, specialist running shops are unbeatable for expert advice. Here, your running style is analysed on a treadmill before a recommendation is made. You might pay more, but the shoes you’ll end up with will help you to perform at your best, protect you from injury and give you support and comfort for many miles!
You can keep your new trainers smelling fresh and tackle shoe odour before it even starts with Hansaplast Deo Silver Balls. Just twist to activate the clean scenting action and pop a Ping-Pong size shoe freshener into the toe of each sports shoe. The balls will deodorize for up to two months, so you get to enjoy a burst of heavenly freshness every time you pull on your trainers! 
It’s natural for all feet to sweat, particularly when running or working out – it’s a good sign that you’re working hard. But if you feel that your sweaty feet are a problem, or you’re embarrassed about smelly feet, you’ll find some expert foot odour advice here. Rather than be distracted by potential odour, deal with the problem – you’ll feel empowered to give your absolute max every time you work out!

A leg up


Allowing for freedom of movement while keeping you warm, a good pair of running leggings or tights is well worth the investment. There are various different types, so consider what you’ll be doing in them before you buy. Fleece lined are cosy for winter running, while compression leggings offer support and reduce the risk of injury. 
A little pocket for your car or door key is a super-useful element that’s not in every pair. Make sure your chosen leggings have this all-important feature!

The right top

It can be tempting to grab a comfy old cotton t-shirt from the drawer to run or work out in, but the truth is that cotton absorbs sweat – fast. This in turn creates a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to feed on your sweat. Instead it’s well worth investing in a couple of sports tops that are made especially for exercise. Look for features like moisture wicking – to lift the sweat from your skin, and fast drying, to keep you feeling dry and comfortable as you run or workout.

The sweet smell of sporting success!

It’s an undeniable fact that sports shoes, kits and bags are not traditionally known for their pleasant scent! Sport and exercise means sweat. In fact working up a sweat is something you want to happen, because it means you’re working hard! The problem happens after you’ve finished your workout. Bacteria thrive in sweat, so your sports stuff can very quickly start to cause a stink in your kit bag or locker. Here’s how to keep your sports gear a treat rather than a trial 
to put on!

Resist the urge to add extra detergent to your machine when washing your kit, and skip the fabric softener too. Your washing machine is only designed to handle a certain amount of product, and too much will coat your workout kit, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, and causing more of the very thing you want to avoid – bad odours.
Hansaplast Deo Silver Balls work brilliantly to keep sports shoes smelling good, and they can do the same for your sports bag, too. Throw one or two into your kit bag to stop bad smells before they even start. These clever Ping-Pong ball sized gadgets absorb moisture and impart a really fresh, clean scent to your bag, kit and more until you get a chance to throw it in the washing machine. If you store your kit in a locker, hiding a Hansaplast Deo Silver Ball at the back could be a smart precautionary move, too.
With these easy to use little shoe deodorizers you can forget about embarrassing shoe odour and instead concentrate on giving every workout or run 100%!

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