Our commitment to the environment

At Hansaplast, we are determined to minimise our ecological footprint. Find out what we do to support sustainability.

For a future worth living

We believe that wound care goes hand in hand with protecting all aspects of people’s lives, including the environment. We are aware of the growing number of environmental challenges facing our world today, and we all want to ensure a future shaped by environmental integrity and sustainability for our children and grandchildren.

Already achieved milestones

Environmental sustainability is a journey, not a destination. At Hansaplast, we have been constantly on this journey throughout our 100-year history, being conscious of our impact on planet earth. Up to today, we have already...


Saved tons of paper thanks to lighter packaging

Since 2021, we have saved 106 tons of paper per year thanks to lighter cardboard packaging for all our Hansaplast products. That’s equivalent to the weight of 18 adult African elephants.

Significantly reduced the use of plastic in our products

At Hansaplast, we want to be an active part of environmental protection. That is why in 2021 we removed the plastic from all of our sealing pouches, a change that saves 83 tons of plastic each year – the equivalent of a continuous strip of plasters winding around the world 13.5 times.

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Switched to sustainable materials where possible

At Hansaplast, all paper-based packaging materials which keep our products safe are FSC®-certified. The folding box of our product range GREEN & PROTECT is not only 100% FSC®-certified, but it’s also made of 93% recycled carton.

A sustainable plaster for our future

The GREEN & PROTECT range is our first range that uses naturally derived and biodegradable fibres.* 100% of the electricity used in the production is from renewable sources. The folding box is composed of 93% recycled carton and is printed using inks free of mineral oil. Remaining emissions are 100% climate neutralised through certified climate projects.

*wound pad and backing

Further actions for environmental protection

We look holistically at our impact on earth from the selection of our raw materials in product development to the sourcing of raw materials and our production processes, all the way to how we package and transport our products. That’s why in our own production we will continue to...



Reduce our CO₂e footprint

Already today, we have reduced our absolute greenhouse gas emissions by 17% (versus the base year 2018). By 2025, we will have reduced our CO₂e footprint by 30% compared to 2018 (in the context of the corporate agenda of our parent company, Beiersdorf).


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Focus on responsible sourcing

Already today, we are only using 100% FSC®-certified paper in all our products – from the paper at the back of our plasters to the folding boxes they are in. To go even a step further, our aim is to source 100% of our renewable raw materials from responsibly managed resources by the end of 2030.


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Support a circular economy

Already today, our main packaging material is paper, sourced from sustainably managed forests in FSC® quality. By 2025, 100% of our packaging will be recyclable, refillable or reusable.


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Increase the share of renewable materials

Already today, the Hansaplast wound care assortment is made of more than 50% renewable raw materials. By the end of 2030, 75% of our virgin raw materials used in wound care components will come from renewable sources.


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