Elastic Fixation Bandage

Soft and elastic bandage for the fixation and protection of wound pads and dressings

A versatile home first-aid essential

  • Extra comfortable 
  • Highly elastic
  • Stays in place without slipping or loosening 
  • Dermatologically approved*

* skin compatibility dermatologically approved


First Aid Elastic Fixation Bandage

Hansaplast Elastic fixation bandages are the simplest way to hold compresses, dressings and pads in place. As recommended by the World Health Organisation and Red Cross, they’re an essential part of any home first-aid kit.

The flexible material is easy to unroll and the high elasticity makes this bandage pleasant to wear on all moving body parts. Crimped fibres ensure that the bandage won’t slip.

An airy, open woven structure lets the wound breathe. Ideal for use with Hansaplast sterile and non-sterile compresses, dressings and fixation tapes.

Hansaplast Elastic Fixation Bandage is extra skin-friendly and suitable for sensitive skin.

Each bandage is individually wrapped for hygiene.

  1. Clean wound and gently dry skin.
  2. Apply wound pad or wound dressing and secure using Hansaplast Elastic Gauze bandage.
  3. Change dressing daily.
Product  Type  Size  Quantity

Elastic Fixation Bandage

4m x 6cm 1 Piece

Elastic Fixation Bandage

4m x 8cm 1 Piece
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